#UsGuys East Coast Meet Up Jan 23rd 2011 in #Philly

#UsGuys East Coast Meet Up Final Details

  • What: first IRL meetup of Tweeps primarily but not exclusively from the #UsGuys hashtag
  • When: January 23rd, 2011 1-4 PM
  • Where: Maggiano’s Little Italy King of Prussia, PA
  • Who: Anyone who can make it!
  • Why: #Beyond140 Event to build “Relationships” into Social Media.
  • How: Please leave comment in Blog!  Will IRL more details.
  • Please: Register! We have space for 45 & will need to know numbers to get a larger venue if necessary.
  • Cost: $20/head deposit — all monies used directly for food/drinks. See end-note.
  • Great contests in the making!

    • Happy Feet: Wear your best. craziest, coolest socks!
    • Groove on: Bring your 5 BEST songs (USB or CD)
    • Longest Drive: How far will you go?  Free drinks for the winner from the rest of us!
    • Best Beer: Brooklyn vs. Philly (Victory)
    • Others: Plenty of time for other great ideas!

    Great #beyond140 Events!

    • Twitter Stream: being projected as we meet
    • Pictures or Videos: Be “in person” even if your are not here!  Send a picture or brief video and we’ll run it on the projector to meet more peeps!
    • Streaming: Intend to live stream the event!  Follow us with green eyes as we meet and great!
    • Yours?: Want to help? or sponsor an idea?

    Meet the peeps who “influence you!”

    End notes!

    Setting will be cocktail style.  We will have to pre-order food for the group.  (Can always order more).  Will post the menu early next week.  Initial food & a drink should be in the $20.  Open bar.  The Room reservation is covered by any food/drink purchases.  We have to cover $1,000.  So if we collectively spend $910 then a $90 room charge will be owed.

    What do I do now?!

    Post a comment in the blog that you’re attending. Josepf or Sam (@QStreet) will get back to you to confirm details and collect deposits.

    Map to locations (click for Places or View Large Map below)

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    Next up, Buffalo?

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