Learn, Leverage, Grow (using #UsLiveWell as example)

What 3 words will Focus my posts for 2011?


Learn, Leverage, Grow

Learn: The hallmark of human intelligence is learning from other people’s mistakes.  Experience is something you get just after needing it!  Can we use Social Media like Twitter to learn faster?  Am going to find out in 2011

Leverage: This is about taking ideas and finding their true pivot point and tipping points.  If I had a lever big enough I could move the world.” Archemedes  Social Media provides a type of Leverage and this is topic to vastly explore in 2011.

Grow: At the end of the day it is about growth.  I do believe in the adage Grow or Die.   Even read the Book (found on sidebar to the right) and recommend it.  I want to grow as a person and believe our collective world benefits from growth.  Of course, cancer is uncontrolled growth.   So topics about growth will make for great posts as well.  One thing I do not want to grow any further is my waistline.  Hence the #UsLiveWell initiative on Twitter!

Can Twitter help make us Fit?


The Social Media Addiction


Yes if you get addicted to Twitter you sit unmoving for hours responding passionately to people you never met.  Still better than Zynga’s Farmville or Mafia Wars addiction! (or is it?)  There are many documented studies about Social Media Addiction


So Social Media is bad, right?  No! Social media is like any other tool or technology!  The incredible power can be used for good or evil.


The Power of Social Media


I was pondering the Power of Social Media as I sat dark and lonely in Twitter Jail.  Yes, Twitter has a Jail.  Apparently if you Tweet too fast or too often within a certain period of time Twitter temporarily cuts you off.  So, dark, lonely, fingers starting to twitch I DM’d (Direct Messaged) Dane Findley or @Danenow.  Dane, found here, is a self proclaimed health nut who owns two Juicers.  New years day and I’m sitting in front of the computer NOT WORKING OUT.  I decided it was time to harness the power of Social Media for good.

Twitter is great for accountability.  Many corporations and people have found out the hard way that exposure on Twitter can be very powerful.  In my case we have a little community called #UsGuys where people have formed relationships and check-in with each other all of the time.  Could the idea of a “workout” buddy be used on Twitter?  Hmm, public humiliation and tons of people razzing you about not meeting your goals?  Sound pretty powerful to me!


The #UsGuys Fitness Program concieved by @Josepf and lead by @Danenow

So the power of accountability that Social Media (and Twitter in particular) can bring.  Combined with an Accountability Partner/ Group?  I asked Dane if he would do a science experiment with me.  He, of course, instantly got it and said he’d be an accountability partner.  I thought about it some more whilst rotting away in Twitter jail and Tweeted it once I got out.  Other people likes the idea and we free-formed the #UsGuys 2011 Fitness Program coordianted by Dane Findley.  (another awesome job!  I came up with a killer idea and someone else is going to work it! — just kidding its win/win all the way around)

So how does this work?  We have no idea!  We’re just forming it up!  The basic gist is that the individuals will blog post their own stuff.  They can keep it as private of public as they’d like.   Dane is willing to be an accountability partner and have people check in with him.


For my part I’ll go more public.  The thought of being ridiculed by our own Old Spice Man @taariqlewis is pretty strong incentive to stick with it.  I will create a separate log  or blog section and post progress.  Dane will stop by to encourage me.  Milestones will go into his blog as well.



Leave you ideas HERE in the comments!  In the next day or two Dane (with a little help from me & whomever) will form it up some more!  2011 here we come….

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