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What is an SEO Mindset?

The SEO Mindset is not about Techniques! The SEO Mindset starts with understanding your USP! It then comprehends who you want to target for your product or message. Then on to where to find them. And lastly focuses on how to be found and techniques. Video of SEOCMO Presents 69 Seconds on the SEO Mindset

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Medieval Marketing: master the basic marketing concepts before Social Media

Forget guerrilla marketing or Social Media Marketing, we first need to think Medieval. Marketing is NOT Advertising and Promotion or Sunday Circulars or even “Sales”.  Let’s go way back to understand… Take a walk with me into a Medieval Marketplace!

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Moments of a Love Affair

  I hear her first a sound that stirs me calls me to her and then I see her across the room. Riveted in place I stare frozen as she feels my eyes turning with a smile. We cut through the crowd to get closer

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Keyword Trends and the Importance of Short vs Long Term Views

Tracking Keywords is critical to success for anyone who want to be found on the Internet. This post is the very tip of the iceberg on the importance of Keywords. It sprung out of a conversation on Twitter in the #UsGuys hashtag. For more information on #UsGuys click here. The video speaks for itself so:

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Ever Wonder what Google thinks about SEO? Get the straight scoop from the GoogleBot!

Google’s latest SEO Guide is a must read for any business person. Get your copy here and also read the top 5 things you need to know about SEO.

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Why, When, Where & How on Internet Advertising 101

On-line Advertising is based on a sound marketing strategy. The excellent news is that Return on Investment can be much easy to measure with on-line advertising than any other form. You can master the basics of on-line advertising and quickly see results for your business by calling Josepf today at 484-639-9789.

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