Searchie for Most Innovative at C3NY Conductor Searchlight

Searchie for most innovative in seoThis year I had the Honor of being part of the opening Keynote at #C3NY, Conductor’s Web Presence Management conference. I also hosted a breakout session on How to Measure the ROI of Content using Searchlight. The conference was off the hook fun, informative, inspiring and in our case rewarding! Conductor awards Searchies in different categories such as Best In Class Agency (won by Seer Interactive) and Excellence in Team Enablement (won by Cannon). With names like Seer, Bisk, and Red Ventures in competition for the Most Innovative in SEO Searchie award you can understand that I was thrilled when EducationDynamics won!

EducationDynamics was also cited in a wrap up article entitled Marketer turn to Organic Marketing Initiative to Boost Content Engagement. The author pulled out three different insights from my session. Slightly misquoted so for the record I will restate them below. The conversation is about Content ROI:

“Don’t measure individual pieces of Content. It is like playing with Penny Stocks, some of them will take off and other won’t. Measure the Silo over time, not how one piece compared to another.”

The author also cited how we’ve seen a 264% increase in profit margin on one of our sites between July 2015 and September. For the record October continued this trend increasing 17% over September.

“It’s unfair to hand a brief to your content people and say ‘we want something like this… SEO people have the insights; this insight needs to be shared with the people who can benefit from it — including your content team.”

This was a theme many talked about at #C3NY, how to enable better content and user experience. At EducationDynamics we empower our Content writers and Product team by giving them access to Searchlight. If you are not familiar with Searchlight, I have a review “Please, use anything but Conductor Searchlight! (So I can CRUSH YOU!!!!)” posted on Trust Radius.

Conductor Video announcing Most Innovative in SEO

Conductor had excellent, in house produced videos throughout the conference. They were kind enough to give me the one above for the Most Innovative in SEO Searchie. Final Note: If you have not attended a C3 conference before planning, is already under way on C3 2016. If you want to know how it feels to attend C3 and build great relationships along the way this Tweet might sum it up :)