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Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Course

Is the Google Tag Manager Fundamental Course for you? Almost everyone should take the Google Analytics Academy’s “Google Tag Manager Fundamentals course” course. Okay, maybe not if you’re a Nurse or FBI Agent without a website. But if you touch any field of digital marketing then Google Tag Manager is like Yoga. It’ll change your […]

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Guaranteed SEO is BS

Guaranteed Results for SEO = #BS

Guaranteed results for SEO is Bullshit. Anyone who’s been around SEO for a while realizes that there’s a dark side. The industry has a lot of snake oil salesman and quite a few snakes. I get reminded about this weekly if not daily with email messages soliciting me to “improve your SEO Guaranteed”. Occasionally I pass […]

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#SEO, #SocialMedia, and Sandcastles

Social Media is Sexy When speaking to friends or prospective clients, social media gets all the buzz! It’s fun, sexy, and seems like instant gratification in our A.D.H.D. world.  However, I always Social start with an SEO mindset.  Before you nod off to sleep let me explain this with this analogy! Doing Social Media without […]

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#BuddhaSEO #SEO Musings Tweeted to #usguys #blogchat #bizforum over time

#BuddhaSEO is 1st the realization of relevance and the need to be found, 2nd the organization of thoughts/words as written, 3rd technical #UsGuys In my twitter profile I call out #BuddhaSEO.  As far as I know I’m the only one on the planet who uses this hashtag (so far).  I started this hashtag to recognize […]

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Diagram of SEO as a long-term. ongoing process of enhancing relevance!

SEO as a long-term, ongoing process of enhancing Relevance

SEO Defined in a simple diagram. In the post SEO Defined in 68 Seconds I quickly elucidated on SEO as the long-term, active practice (art & science) of enhancing your relevance (find-ability & credibility) on the Internet / Web, for those unique values (aka, key words) that you want to be known for. Here I […]

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How to do SEO for Bloggers Series 5.a : XML Sitemaps

Section 5.a of The 12 Most Important SEO Tips for #blogchat Bloggers Each section of the 12 Most Important SEO Tips for #blogchat Bloggers will be expanded upon in this blog.  Subscribe for updates! Section 5 of the 12 Most Important SEO Tips for #blogchat Bloggers discussed XML Site maps.  Rather than run out long paragraphs […]

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