#BuddhaSEO #SEO Musings Tweeted to #usguys #blogchat #bizforum over time

#BuddhaSEO is 1st the realization of relevance and the need to be found, 2nd the organization of thoughts/words as written, 3rd technical #UsGuys

In my twitter profile I call out #BuddhaSEO.  As far as I know I’m the only one on the planet who uses this hashtag (so far).  I started this hashtag to recognize that SEO is never one and done.  SEO is a long term, ongoing process of creating relevance and is a Philosophy or Mindset on how to approach the Web.  With tongue slightly in check and apologies to those in my old Sangha here is my definition of #BuddhaSEO Tweeted in 140 or less:

The Four Noble Truths of #BuddhaSEO

#BuddhaSEO 1st Noble Truth: “SEO is suffering” imperfect, filled with anguish, stressful.

#BuddhaSEO 2nd Noble Truth: “Suffering is due to attachment” clinging to old ways of SEO.

#BuddhaSEO 3rd Noble Truth: “SEO Attachment can be overcome” by acceptance of imperfection & need for SM.

#BuddhaSEO 4th Noble Truth: “There is an SEO path, Dharma” the middle way.

The Eightfold path of #BuddhaSEO

  1. #BuddhaSEO Eightfold Path: 1. “Right View” understand the 4 noble truths.
  2. #BuddhaSEO Eightfold Path: 2. “Right Aspiration” free yourself from rigid views of SEO.
  3. #BuddhaSEO Eightfold Path: 3. “Right Speech” avoid dogmatic views, be relational.
  4. #BuddhaSEO Eightfold Path: 4. “Right Action” incorporate Relational (Social) Media into strategy.
  5. #BuddhaSEO  Eightfold Path: 5: “Right Livelihood” practice “white hat SEO” black hat is bad for your Karma.
  6. #BuddhaSEO  Eightfold Path: 6: “Right Effort” SEO is an ongoing practice that requires consistent discipline & effort.
  7. #BuddhaSEO  Eightfold Path: 7: “Right Mindfulness” means using analytics to contemplate the reality of your efforts.
  8. #BuddhaSEO  Eightfold Path: 8: “Right Concentration” means improving your art of marketing through SEO mindset.

Random Tweets that illustrate #BuddhaSEO principles

SEO inbound is about relationships we call them backlinks but think of who/what you want to be related to — then make friends #Quotes #SEO

SEO is word math, but if you hate math focus on the words and simply outline them, order them in importance #Quotes #UsGuys

Yes! Tag ur Words for RT @RicDragon SEO is about managing perception of relevance RT @Josepf SEO is word math, but #Quotes #UsGuys

SEO is convergent thought, done well you focus divergent thought into a cohesive message.  #Quotes #UsGuys

SEO is left brain meeting right.  SEO helps outline and structure your creativity. #Quotes #UsGuys

SEO is the discipline of focused intent. Who do you want to get the message? What are you trying to say?

SEO helps you organize. #quotes Always use a Picture, Always use H1, H2 etc.  Pics draw clicks H1 draws SEO #blogchat #UsGuys

SEO Thinking drives Consistency! RT @RachelFerrucci: @Pakblogger  SEO- I need to concentrate on content and consistency #blogchat

#UsGuys @OneGiantStep agree on self hosted — drive SEO traffic to your brand not blog site… #blogchat

RT @BloggerTalk: Content is a king who needs his queen SEO  #blogchat
How do you see it? Leave some thoughts or questions in the comments please!

Rann Patterson
Rann Patterson

Hi Josef! I enjoyed this post. I'm not Buddist either, I'm Christian, but I do know what Karma means, Dharma is new to me but has to mean "balance", yes? I love Twitter, and am very new to the Internet and SM (less than 1 yr). I've noticed that I will either block or unfollow any user where I get a bad feeling while reading the tweet. I'm cautious by nature and my spirit is sensitive, so by being so "choosy", I'm actually still under 500 on both followers/following. I don't like automated tweets unless it's someone I already know. Their content redeems them! Otherwise, I enjoy the interaction and engagement knowing there is a real person on the other end! I know, too, some people can't stay online because of work, but really- if their content is rich, a once a day tweet is plenty. Otherwise, if anyone really reads to understand- no one and I mean no one I don't care how smart, has the time to read all that's out there! I think that's probably why you've written this. How does a person manage something so massive? Thank you for the (as another Buddhist twitter friend says) buddhaful post! It's a great help. Some of it went over my head too, but hey- I love people smarter than me. That's how I improve! My best,


I'm Jewish, Josepf...you've gone over my head!


SEO is what I have as the main focus for my site... I am doing everything to have a good SEO standing.

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