As SVP Digital Marketing for JCPR:

I work with people I at least like and usually love. Chemistry or “Fit” is very important. As I develop new relationships for Jennifer Connelly Public Relations here are my Values/Mission.


We empower corporations to marry the Art of Marketing with the Science of SEO to create enduring business benefits that they will love.


Through the Art of Marketing and the Science of SEO we create loyal relationships with personalized and creative solutions. We understand that any and all marketing can and should have an enduring positive business impact.

Measurements and Metrics for Marketing Monetize:

  • Audience Identification
  • Influencer Identification
  • Social Media Marketing Channels
  • Social Influence Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Social Enabling Technologies
  • Online Frameworks
  • Community Architectures
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Business enabling any ‘traditional’ marketing campaign

Values: I CARE…

Integrity: We always follow the highest standard of honesty, transparency and trust.

Cooperation: Working together towards creating a supportive and mutal vision for your business.

Achievement: Uncompromising focus on mutually superior business results.

Recognition: Acknowledging people, companies for who they are and what they do and how they can bring the best value to others.

Excellence: We hold the highest standard of professionalism, skills and expertise and talent and go and above and beyond everything we do.