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Sad & Good things about #usguys

This post was written for a different blog The post didn’t fit the new guidelines of that site and was published intact here.   Please read on… #Usguys is a Twitter Tribe that has been around for over a year. It started out as a Social Media garage where the main emphasis was conversation around marketing, social […]

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#BuddhaSEO #SEO Musings Tweeted to #usguys #blogchat #bizforum over time

#BuddhaSEO is 1st the realization of relevance and the need to be found, 2nd the organization of thoughts/words as written, 3rd technical #UsGuys In my twitter profile I call out #BuddhaSEO.  As far as I know I’m the only one on the planet who uses this hashtag (so far).  I started this hashtag to recognize […]

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Diagram of SEO as a long-term. ongoing process of enhancing relevance!

SEO as a long-term, ongoing process of enhancing Relevance

SEO Defined in a simple diagram. In the post SEO Defined in 68 Seconds I quickly elucidated on SEO as the long-term, active practice (art & science) of enhancing your relevance (find-ability & credibility) on the Internet / Web, for those unique values (aka, key words) that you want to be known for. Here I […]

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Learn, Leverage, Grow (using #UsLiveWell as example)

Can you really get healthy sitting in front of Twitter all day long? You can if you Judo flip the power of Social media and use of for purposes of Good instead of Evil!!!!!

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Why I love @Hashable (and you will too)

Are you using 400 year old Business Cards and antiquated Contact Management systems in the exponentially growing Social Media world? Time to make technology work for your Relationships! Still in BETA, Hashable.com is worth checking out with major changes coming in the very near term future.

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