#UsGuys #FlashChat #SEO makeover for @PegFitzpatrick Section 1

#UsGuys hosted a #FlashChat about WordPress SEO

If you do not know about hashtag #UsGuys on Twitter then click through.  If you do then out of the #flashchat about WordPress tips came a series of SEO Tweets and Peggy Fitzpatrick graciously agreed to a Blog makeover to enhance her SEO.  What follows is a Video of the first section of that makeover.  However, first we have a call to action!

Help Peggy Fitzpatrick with her bio!

Yes this is a random strange request, but then again if you know me….  We are all better Editors that Authors so help kick start a brief, paragraph length bio for Peggy to go under her profile picture.  See mine to the top right side as an example.  Add tot he comments below.  Winner get some #awesomeness to be revealed later (we’re making this up as we go along!)


Now add to the Bio!!!!

Pam Ross
Pam Ross

Inspiring positive energy and visionary thinking, Peg is often called the "Oprah of Twitter". Passionate about connecting, she's supportive, creative, and real. If you're looking for expertise with social media, marketing, or just a positive word to make you smile, turn to Peg Fitzpatrick.